Tips for Determining Healthy Weight Goals

For over 13 years, Max Motamedian managed the sales division for the health-focused company, Total Nutricare. In this role, Mohsen Motamedian Washington oversaw the company’s entire suite of services, including its innovative weight loss program, which delivers individualized plans to help clients reach their weight loss goals. While many people want to lose weight to […]

How can you become a perfect photographer?

Photography is surely one of the most followed passions in the current times and we can find numerous people willing to try their hands on some of the best cameras across the globe. Well, it’s still not that easy for everyone to become a successful photographer and the person needs to work a lot in […]

Computer Trends in 2020

Max Motamedian has been a manager in the USA since 2008. As a manager, Mohsen Motamedian Washington assists the business with selling computing and electronics products to the public. In the next couple of years, out with the old and in with the new will be the trend in devices. PCs, for example, are on […]

Acer Releases ConceptD Monitors for Creative Professionals

 A former business manager at Bashari Inc, Mohsen Motamedian Washington oversees the purchasing and sales department of the USA in California. Mohsen Motamedian leverages his skills in sales management to grow the company’s business and to manage the high-end brands that it carries, such as HP, Asus, and Acer. A leading company specializing in information […]